Call: 0131 574 3467

Call: 0131 574 3467


Frequently Asked Questions

The annoying answer is it depends what you're looking for, but to give you an idea - unlike the bigger design agencies out there, I won't go above 3-figures in setup fees. After that, you just pay around £2-20 per year for a web domain, and £5-10 per month for web hosting.

This is what Website Independence is all about. I'll build your website to save you the headache of the initial setup. After that, you'll have your own access to the website's editing platform, or CMS (Content Management System). You can log in any time you like and make updates yourself. If you want to upgrade or improve the website by adding new features, I can always help with that, but the important thing is that you'll be empowered to make the day-to-day, routine updates yourself.

The only ongoing services you'll need for your website to be up and running as long as you need it will be the annual cost of the web domain, and the monthly or quarterly cost for the web hosting. I will set these up for you if you don't have these services already, and will always go through reputable third parties. You'll have an account and services in your own name, completely independent from me. If I'm abducted by aliens, your business will not suffer!

Yes - some people really like those services, especially business owners who are tech savvy and have the time. They're just not for everyone. By all means, give it a try, and if it works out, great. If you find it's too tricky or too much of a hassle though, give me a call, and I'll be happy to help.

My overheads amount to very little, so I don't have to charge anything like as much as the bigger agencies. As well as that, I also won't charge you for anything you don't need. If you have a logo already, great - one less thing for me to do, and one less thing to charge you for.

Just provide me with text and image content. You know your own business better than anyone, so you're best placed to write about it. I'll give you guidance, and recommend looking at other examples, particularly any competitors you secretly admire! Photos of your business, products, services, permises, staff or vehicles etc. would also be great. I'll take care of everything else!

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Call: 0131 574 3467





Call: 0131 574 3467